Yes! Organic Farming can be profitable for the farmers


When it comes to organic farming, one of the major questions that generally pops up is “Can it profitable for the farmers?” or “What benefit will the farmers get?”. Let’s imagine the future. If more and more consumers start purchasing organically grown produce, both the consumers and the farmers will land in a win-win situation. Consumers will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and famers will definitely earn a good living. Not only that, but organic farming is actually more convenient in practice than the conventional one. Think of all the money that will be saved if pesticides and other chemicals are not used. Now let’s come to the main problem that all the farmers face which is water shortage especially in the developing countries. The monsoon season is irregular. So many areas face droughts. How do we solve this? By following Organic Farming of course! Organically farmed soil has more water retaining capacity which results in higher yields. There was time when agriculture was practiced when these chemicals did not even exist. Mind you, there were less health problems back then.

To make life even better for the farmers, Organic Wellness shares it’s wealth with all the farmers, after all, they are the ones who are contributing the most. Not only that, but their families are also our families, whether they need health care or education facilities for their children.

Together, let’s heal the world

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5 thoughts on “Yes! Organic Farming can be profitable for the farmers”

  1. I’m not sure that saying there were fewer health problems back in the day is accurate. For example Choler a

    More importantly, how can you argue that organic farming is more profitable for farmers? If it were, everyone would do it. I don’t deny that organic farming is great, but I can’t see how you can satisfy the world’s good needs without industrial scale agriculture and GM crops.


    1. Hi Matthew,
      There have always been epidemics and breakouts in the world. But the problem is that not everybody follows organic farming because it is time consuming. Adapting a new methodology is not that easy. But I do see your point, it is difficult to satisfy the world’s needs but at the same time we also want a healthy workforce. Perhaps, this can explain better

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